Friday, December 19, 2008

Does anyone know where I can find this fabric

I have been going through plastic bags where I have done swaps in the past. I came across this fabric and there were two pieces to make an fq. I LOVE this "Mermaid Kitty" and I would love to have more. Has anyone ever seen this or have some? I'm willing to pay a reasonable price as my granddaughter loves Mermaids!! I made her a pillow out of this but wouldn't it be great if I could make her something larger? I know she would love a dress out of this. Please e-mail me if you have any info even if you don't read this for a year. The baggie had a nice note about this being vintage fabric but not who mailed it to me. Thanks Judy

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mitten's I sent out

When I made the mittens I was sending I did a theme. The first one is a batik mitten with 4 batik fq's, a finger pin cushion, a scented sachet with lavender and one with mint, a spool of thread, I think a pair of earrings I made and I made the snowflake pin from a Christmas ornament, I think that is all of this one.

Of course there would have to be a black and white theme!! I sent b&w fabric, a mint or lavender sachet, a finger pin cushion, black thread and I think that was it. I sent these off about a month ago and I've worked on a lot of projects since then. Oh!! The b&w flower pin was made by me. I had a lot of fun making pins and jewelry this year. I'd never done that before.
I did go to the doctor this morning and I have a sinus infection. Antibiotics are in my system and working. Hope everyone is having a good day or evening. I'm going to bed tonight as tomorrow is usually a 12-13 hour day!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Mittens in the Mail Today!!

Just taking a little time to share what I received today in the mail. These are mittens from the Stashbuilder (Yahoo) Group swap. The photos do not show the colors well. The swap rules were that we would make a mitten and then stuff it with 1/2 yard fabric and other surprises.
This didn't show up well in the photo of all the items and I wanted you to be able to see how cute this is. I'm going to uses this as a pattern and make some.

The second stocking! Just want to say thank you to Veronica C and Judy S!!!!!!
Not expecting anymore gifts in the mail so what a let down it will be tomorrow. The gas company will probably send me the monthly bill!! :( I like good stuff like today!!!
Installment II will be coming up soon plus I went back and bought more fabric!! Going to the doctor in the morning as I've been ill for over 10 days. I'm over it!!