Saturday, April 13, 2013

International Quilt Festival Cincinnanti Ohio 2013 Blog A

This is Poky Bolton from Quilting Arts TV show with me on day 2
This is a look from the 3rd floor window of the floor about the time they opened the doors on Saturday Morning
Poky on Thursday evening for The Iron Competition
This quilt was about memories of growing up in the 50's and the more you looked the more items you found.  It was a stroll down memory lane for my friends and meI as well as a lot of others that were there.  This did win a first prize and it is an amazing quilt.  Too bad I'm not a great photographer!!
This quilt was another memory and the person that made it did not have a photo of her father so this is what she remembers.
Another memory quilt and it was very well done.  Another photo below.
Memories of going to the grandparents home
A sister and brother.  This was a wonderful quilt of the maker and her brother as children.  She was selling it and we were surprised at that as it seems like a family heirloom
Beautiful quilt, loved the fabrics and the photo below shows the binding

Art Quilt
I loved these houses and all the colors

I liked this quilt
This bird was amazing and the quilting was something else.  I kept looking and looking at what an amazing job she did on the quilting.  The colors and piecing were wonderful!!
The show had about 500 quilts but it was not as large as last year and there were not as many art quilts.  The crowd seemed lighter but I was down there at odd times since I took TWO classes.  I will do a whole post on the classes as I loved them both but the one was amazing!!!  I wish I could take classes more often.
We met a lot of people from Canada, Holland, and all over the US.  It's wonderful how friendly quilters are but then we have soooo much to share. 
A LOT of raw edge applique.
Back soon with more photos!!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Shopping & New Project

Two Jelly Rolls of Heather Bailey Fabric  - I got these on Missouri Quilt Co. Daily Deals

We went on a Shop Hop a few weeks ago and the above and following are some of the things I bought

This a Malka Dubrasky(sp?) fabric and I love her designs.  I have a quilt that I just got back from the quilters with her first line of fabric for Moda.  I'll show you that quilt and another soon.

Cat fabric  (some of this is for my granddaughter)
I'm helping to build her stash.
This is a Monet Panel called "Tribute to Monet" for Exclusively Quilter.
Monet is my favorite so I bought this panel.  They had fabric to match but I didn't purchase any.

The above and following is from this fabric that I guess is like post cards.  Not sure what I'll do with it but had to have it!!

This is a new easy quilt I've started.  I was hoping that our quilting group would want to do something simple and the same pattern for summer.  They only work on their stuff when we meet on Monday nights so I don't know.  Oh we've made a purse the last two weeks and it has been fun.  I'll have to remember to show you mine soon.

On Thursday we go to the International Quilt Festival in Cincinnati Ohio.  We are taking classes and maybe I told you this already but I'm telling everyone several times a day!!  Very excited and have most everything packed!!!! 
I hope to have lots of photos for you and I'm wondering if I'll see Pokey Bolton again.  I am a fan of her show Quilting Arts on PBS. 
We are having amazing weather - the heat is off and the windows are open.  There is nothing like good fresh air!!  I'm taking extra allergy meds but I don't care.  I want to hang sheets out on the line.  I love love getting into bed with clean sheets that have dried on the line!  Anyone else like that?
Be back soon and I hope with loads of photos!!!!