Thursday, March 7, 2013

Update on What's Been Going On

In August my friend and I went to a quilt retreat at Camp Lakeview and here she is working on one of her projects

Here she is with a block completed.  This quilt turned out amazing and the quilter did a wonderful job.

This was a quilt that another lady was working on 

A cloud over the lake as the sun set at Camp Lakeview

This is in Adair Co KY and was an old Church at one time.  We went to KY for a family reunion this summer and I had cousins that lived by here so I wanted to see what it looked like now

Here is the sign for the above church

This is the creek across the road from the church and I remember many happy hours spent wading in this creek during the summer with my cousins.
This is me on the left, my brother from WI and my niece from NC (Her mother and our half sister had died earlier in the year)

The project that I'm working on that is on my design wall.  I'm determined to get some UFOs done this year.  I loved these blocks so much that I was scared to finish them!!

This is one of many trees by the church where I work and I'm looking forward to seeing them bloom soon and know that spring is here. 
It's seems like it's been a long winter.
Today my friend in the photo's above and I are going to the Bloomington Indiana Quilt show.  I usually go on Saturday but I'm going in late to work so that we can go today.
I plan on taking photos!!
In April we are taking another friend and going to the International Quilt Festival in Cincinnati Ohio and will be there for three days and we are all taking classes this year.  Very exciting!!!
I'll be back soon!!  I miss blogging but for the longest time I couldn't get on here but now I know what I was doing wrong.
Have a great day or evening!!!!!!!!!!!