Saturday, August 21, 2010

Decoupaged Table

I found this pitiful thing at a garage sale and I think that I paid either two or three dollars.  It has sat in the garage for a month or two and I started to work on it last week.
I found this paper on clearance at JoAnn's and it was 80 pages for $7.97.  I love this paper and some of the sheets have writing and I always think that is so cool.  I didn't have a plan except for the middle and this is what I did.  I personally like it a lot.  I had thought that I would do some painting on the bottom but these colors just make the dark wood pop and it's a little beat up so it has the rustic look.  On the side braces there had been spindles but when I bought it there was only one so I removed it and then to cover the holes I put a piece of the paper and I think that turned out well.
A look at the top of the table.
I'm going to try to sell all of this decoupaged stuff and lots and lots more stuff at a garage sale and I always try to buy one big thing and I know what I want.  I want the AccuQuilt Go soooo bad!!  Does anyone have one and want to share their thoughts?  I want to hear the good, the bad and the ugly parts.
I think that one of the reasons that I'm getting so much done is that I signed up for the Friday Night Sew In and I got a lot done last night and now today.  Thanks Heidi and Bobbi for sponsoring this and I can't wait for the next one!!
One very good thing happened in southern Indiana this morning and we had some rain.  I had hoped it would rain all day but it hasn't but I don't have to water today!!  The grass even looks more green than brown.
Hope everyone is having a great day!!
One more question - Is anyone else addicted to decoupage? 

Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Night Sew In Work

Friday Night Sew In
First item is I have made 2 9 patch blocks with I Spy fabric

I cut them like a Disappearing 9 Patch and then sewed them back together.
When fall sewing starts we will put fleece behind each of these and we will be able to give them to agencies that deal with children.  It will give them something small, there will be items to find and the fleece will make it very soft.
The blocks below are ones that I've had for several years
Tonight I sewed them together and I still need to press this and of course it will have to be quilted.  It's not a big quilt but I have a friend who would love this for her sofa so I think this is where it will go.  Maybe a Christmas gift?
I had 3 blocks left so I'll make a pillow for her.
If I had not signed up for the Friday Night Sew In then none of this would have been done.  So I'm pretty excited that I have gotten this much done.  Maybe I'll do more in the morning!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Friday Night Sew In on August 20th

I'm going to join the Friday Night Sew In and see if I can continue to get some items completed.  The link is on the right bar and there are almost 60 people that are signed up!  Can we keep going and make it 100??  You can work on whatever you want and they give prizes away!!


I was walking up the driveway to my daughter's house and all of these Zinnia's had the most beautiful butterflies.  I had to have some photos to share.  We have had no rain and it's very dry here.  The trees are dropping their leaves so we won't have the colorful fall, our lawns are brown and I am so sick of watering and just keeping my flowers going.

Isn't this sad?  I love flowers and all the green of summer.  It has been so hot that the heat index is over a hundred most days.  Well I gotta go water.

Monday, August 16, 2010

ModPodge Week-end and Garage Sale Find

This lamp is my garage sale find.  It was soooo hot that I was only going to the post office but I saw a sign and diverted down an alley.  This is a heavy lamp made of metal with a glass shade.  I asked how much he wanted for it and he said make an offer.  I had $4.00 and he took it.  This is an expensive lamp and I love it.  It is going to sit on my desk but my desk is messy so I put it on this little table to take a photo.
Like Blue Birds?  I saw these at the $1.00 store and I liked them so well that I purchased 3!  I thought they would look lovely hanging on my friends wall.
Mod Podge
this is how they look!!
I purchased this scrap book paper in one of the big books (80 papers) on clearance at Joann's for $7.97.  I also purchased 2  other ones for that price but one of them has 180 papers!
My friend Mod Podge!!  I am using almost a bottle of this a week!!
I can't get the photo of the before picture of this chair to load.  I used Mod Podge on this and guess what I used as paper??????????
This is paper napkins that I have had for 15 years in a package!  You have to peel the backing from the napkins and this one had 3 layers.  Put the glue on the item and then lay the napkin on.  I don't think you could ever get it smooth and I didn't try as I liked this look.
Here is the chair with the seat just laying on top and I thought that I might use this fabric to cover the seat but it is too BLAH!  I'll have to keep looking through my fabric until I find the right one.  Any ideas?
I'll post a photo when I figure it out!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Penguins Christmas Quilt Top

The cat woke me up at 4:30 AM this morning and I couldn't go back to sleep.  I got up had a cup of coffee, started some laundry, worked on a quilt block and then thought I should put this baby together.  All of the blocks were completed and yesterday I had laid them out but then this morning I changed the layout. 
I have soooo many UFOs that I'm embarrassed.  My problem is that I'm not a quilter but a block maker.  This has to change!!  So anyway, this is a small quilt that I sewed together today.  With the pumpkin Halloween quilt, Disappearing 9 Patch, this quilt, and a 9 Patch top I think that it is time to do something!!!

Are these not cute Happy Blocks?  There's enough left over for a baby quilt so I may sew those together also.  Of course it's not even 8am this morning so I think that I have plenty of time before bedtime tonight.  Maybe there will be another post yet today to show you more.  Are there other people out there that like to make the blocks but don't get the quilts together very often?  What do you do?  I have enough blocks that I could make at least 8 more quilt tops!!!  Maybe more.  Give me guidance!!  HELP!!! 
Okay I guess that is enough dramatics for now.  I'm going to sew another top!  This is another Halloween one with black cats in witches hats that wants to be put together!!!!