Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Handmade Part II

Ok - the story is that each week I take the girl's a few gifts. I did that today and I had two complete outfits and two tops each from Old Navy, a craft paint by number, a webkinz figurine, the vests and these things. The first is a scarf that I made each of them with one side the fur and the other fleece (I will give them the matching ones for the American Dolls on Christmas Day), then I had made each of them these marker rolls. I made them different than what I have seen as I made a pocket for a little note book and for the larger markers. They LOVED these!! They rearranged the markers so that they were in the order of their favorites to least, they would write in their little notebooks and then they would put it all away. Then out it would come again and I asked if they would like crayon rolls and Josie said yes but that I would need to make the slots a different size for the crayons. Could it be a future sewer/quilter? They don't know and I will wait until after Christmas but I have small sewing machines for them. Not children's but real machines. I bought them on a clearance aisle a few years ago and now we can use them. Needless to say - it's not the money but what interests the child that gets them. They love the vests but said they would only wear them for special as they were afraid they would get them dirty. It does warm a grandmothers heart.

I have a crazy idea that I'm thinking about but I want to think on it for a few days. I have a large living room (14.5' W x 26' L) and I use the dining room for my sewing room. I'm thinking about my living room as my sewing room and the dining room as my living room. I don't sit around anyway and the dining room has a fantastic view of the neighborhood when I do. I would have room in the living room for two 6' tables to be side by side and become a great work space. I don't have a lot of company as I'm not home much and if I have company it's people that I know. I just feel very energized about this idea and see that it could work well for me. I'd also be warmer as the dining room is freezing! I'll let you know how this goes and nothing will happen until after Christmas. Any opinions?????

Homemade Christmas Gifts

In the last two days I have spent at least 12 hours on what was going to start out as simple vests for my granddaughters into a creating frenzy. The blue vest is for Josie and I added her name, and pockets then I decided that a collage of the fabric would be cute on the back so then I went on and used some fabric paint with a brush. Then I remembered that I had purchased a button maker so I made a button (that was fund once I got the hang of it) and then last I had some scraps and made mittens. You can see by the thumbs that fabric was short but who cares. It's a designer mitten! LOL
For Kat's vest I did the exact thing with some differences and her button was the first one I made and it isn't as good as Josie's. But when I get some more of those thingys I can make more buttons.
I have been giving them gifts every week since Christmas Day is crazy. This was they will enjoy gifts before Santa comes. I heard from an elf that each are getting American Dolls. I did make the girls and their new dolls scarfs with fleece on one side and white curly fur on the other. It's always nice to match your doll. Oh! I need to take more photos as I made them crayon rolls but I made mine to fit markers and a small note book. I'll get that done and I'll take some photos of the scarfs. Gotta Go!! Have a great day or evening!!!!!