Sunday, March 24, 2013

Quilt Top Completed & What Happened To Spring

This is the start of my latest quilt top as I found these blocks that I had done several years ago so I added two more rows to make a full size bed quilt.

I wanted to pull the yellow out as there are a lot of darks since this is batiks so I used this batik yellow that has a lot of the colors in it.  I like it because it is me but I don't think most people would like it.  Maybe I'm wrong but this is going to be an every day quilt so it doesn't matter and also it's an old UFO that is close to being completed.  I will send it off to the quilters soon but I need a backing and it may be muslin since it's not a "special" quilt.  What do you think?

The block above and below are two of my favorites since they have cats on them.  I sure wish I could find these fabrics.  I collect cat fabric.

Another shot of the quilt on my design wall.  It wasn't up there for long as it gets heavy for the flannel.

The next two photos are what is happening here at this time.  It started by sleeting and then went to snow.  They are predicting 6" - 10" and it is to snow all night and most of tomorrow.  When I look out my window at the moment there is a huge tree about a block or so that I can usually see plainly that is like in a fog from where the snow is falling so heavily.

April will be here soon and I'm gearing up for the International Quilt Festival in Cincinnati and I'm taking Machine Quilting for Fraidy Cats on Thursday afternoon and then on Friday I have an all day class Fabric Painting Master Class and Cindy Walter is the instructor.  I'm looking forward to the painting class the most.  The machine quilting is for little stuff so that I can do that better but the large quilts will still go to my quilter.
Anyone going to this that would like to meet up there for the fun of it?  I have two friends that will be going with me and last year we met people from all over and even from Canada.  The Canadians have to spend a fortune for fabric so they come to the states for it.  They come on bus trips and it sounds like they have a blast!!
I might mess with fabric a little more and go to bed early to start a new book.  I've had my granddaughters here the last couple of days and I don't get to go to bed early and read when they are here.  I must stay in the same room with them! LOL  I love them but they can wear me out and they are 13 and 12!  Eventually they may not want me in the room at all so I guess I better appreciate it while I can.  I did get some crocheting and embroidery work done.  I'm working on a red work quilt.
Guess I better go as I'm very gabby so have a great evening or day!!