Thursday, March 29, 2012

Give Away Items

I have been trying to get on here since my last post and Blogger would not recognize me!!  I tried today and got right on.  Here are photos of the items that I'm giving away and I'm going to extend this for a couple of more weeks so that others have a chance now that you can see what is being given away. 
 First up is a 50's crocheted pot holder in orange and white.
 Three Fat Quarters
 Two (I can't break these up) 50's crocheted pot holders
Last but not least is this yellow and white 50's crocheted pot holder

Read the post before this for more info but remember today is the 29th so I'll give it a couple of weeks yet.  Because these are smaller items I can also invite international folks to join in.

It's a beautiful sunny day in Indiana and I have to go to work soon.  I hope everyone is enjoying our spring/summer weather no matter where you are.