Thursday, September 15, 2011

My First Quilt Retreat

I must warn you that there are lots of photos!!  The Quilt Retreat was at Clifty Falls State Park in Madison Indiana.  The river runs behind the hotel and you can see Kentucky on the other side.  The lodge was excellent, food was great and the Quilt Retreat was sooo much fun!!

This is outside the room the retreat was in.

Hotel and the rooms had great views

Part of the room with people sewing away

Lot's of displays and items to purchase

My wonderful roommate that I had never met before.  We'll room together in February again.

Kyle who sat on one side of me and was a hoot

Some of us took a road trip downtown and this is a wonderful shop.  She even has a gazillion Christmas items in the basement but the main floor is fabric. 

This is L&L Yards Goods and it's an entire house in a residential section.  Some great fabrics in here.

Leslie sat across the table from me and this is the hat that she made for the Hat Party.  I forgot so I wasn't part of that.

Here's my room mate in her hat.

The lady on the right is Lisa and she's Leslie's sister.  Don't you just love the hats??

Love the views

This is the road as I was leaving and I just love all of the trees and the shadows on the road.

My next post very soon will show you the quilt top that I made during the retreat.  If you have all of your cuts made then you can just sew away.  I have to go for now but I hope you liked all of my photos.