Monday, April 23, 2012

Cincinnati International Quilt Show

Look who I met!!  Pokey Bolton was the one person that I wanted to meet and I saw her and started yelling Pokey!!  She stopped and signed the book that I had of hers (I'll take a photo and show you) and I had a my picture taken with her.  She is sooo sweet and gracious!  She's just a tiny little thing and she is a beautiful person outside and inside from my few short minutes with her. 
 This was my first time to spend the night in Cincinnati and we had a hotel room across the street from the Duke Energy Convention Center downtown.  There are lots of shopping other than the quilt show and lots of places to eat.  You can also take a carriage ride which would have been fun but we were tired!!  These are some photos from our hotel room at the Hiatt and we were on the 24th floor so we could see a long way.  There are several other hotels right around there but this is the one that we were able to get into. 

 I'm going to post a few quilts but please remember that you should not take any of these photos and sell them.  Though let's face it - I'm not a good photographer.  If you want to look at them for your own personal use then I don't care.  I just want to be respectful of the artist that completed these.
 The lightning was not good in the convention center but the show was fabulous!!  There were over 500 quilts and it really takes two days to see it all.  There were 300 plus vendors and there was no way that we could go down every aisle.
 We met ladies from all over the states and Canada and I must say that quilters are the friendliest people I've ever met.  We so enjoyed talking to all the people and I even found a lady from Buffalo NY that has more Laurel Burch fabric than I do but she is smart and cuts into it.  We found out about crossing the border from Canada into the US and that we have a much better selection here. 
 This show is worth saving up for and going.  We will take some classes next year as we talked to people who were taking classes and how happy they were with the classes.  Now that we have the lay of the land we'll know more next time.
 I'm sorry about the poor quality of these photos but with the lightning and then I always blame it on the camera but I think it's just me not taking my time. :)
 I did take a lot of photos and I'll share more.  This is just random ones.  There are a lot of the quilts that you are not allowed to photo and I try to respect that. 
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Have a GREAT day!!