Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday's Doings

I'm off work until 5pm so I went back to bed and then when I got up I set the timer so that I could go thru the fridge and throw out all the of the expired jars and anything that I no longer wanted. I did it!! Now I'm having a break and then I'll go back and finish cleaning the kitchen.

I made a To Do List when I went to bed last night and if I get it done then I can go and get a pedicure. Sometimes I get distracted by the things that need to be accomplished. I walk by the fabric and the sewing machine and then I think that I will just do a little that turns into a lot.

This week-end I pieced a table runner and then I thought I should do place mats so I did those and I still had some blocks left so I did a small pillow for each chair. Teapots!! They are all sandwiched together and I think that I will quilt them on the machine. I need to stuff the pillows and they would be done. I want to get as far as I can so that I can take them to our quilting group on Monday for show and tell.

The sun is shining here and it's suppose to start warming up. But------I have to go finish the kitchen or no pedicure. Maybe I'll do a before and after shot of my beautiful (?) toes. I also want to go to the thrift shop. Maybe today I'll find a treasure that I DO NOT NEED but I want!!


Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Bargains

Okay, I know it's been awhile but lately nothing has been happening to talk about. But I did go to my favorite thrift shop and I found this pillow. I love these colors. The one side feels like a straw that has been dyed and the back is fabric with a nice zipper so that you can take the pillow out. I don't think that I would wash this in the washer but hand wash it. This is the best part for me. I'm going to use this as my new passport holder when I go to Brazil. This has 3 zipper compartments with a long string handle so that I can wear it under my clothing. This still had the original tag on it!!!

This is the cutest bag in bright colors but it's made of umbrella fabric and there is a zipper in the bottom with an umbrella!! I can take this to work and if it rains I'll have my umbrella hand right in the bag but it doesn't take up any room!
I love my bargains you know!! LOL
I've been playing around with some yarn as I want to make a granny square afghan (they call these blanket in the UK) as I follow several UK blogs and these are beautiful!! These are not the 70's granny squares. I did make one in the 70's and wish I still had it.
I've also been sewing a table runner, then place mats and then pillows to match for the chairs. I've had a really good time doing that and I think that I may do more as they would be easy to store and you could change them out as you got tired of them. I'm making all of these reversible so that I can use them for two seasons. I have them sandwiched so I'll show you when I finish!!
Hope everyone is having a good week-end!!!!!!!!