Sunday, March 18, 2012


I'm having problems posting photos for my Giveaway but I promised I'd start today so I'll tell you what they are and post photos as soon as possible.

1.  Three FQ's
2.  Orange and white 50's crocheted pot holder
3. Yellow and white 50's crocheted pot holder
4.  Two rose square crocheted pot holders in light orange and cream these would be from the same time frame (these had to go together as they are
     like twins :)

There is a question I'd like to ask and if you answer that is fine and if you don't have an answer that's okay.

I have this urge in the spring to start working in my garden and planting things.  I always tell everyone that it must be the farmer in me as I'm in a tizzy to get to work.  Then I also like to walk around and see what is coming up and that gets me soooo excited.  So the question is - What gets you excited in the Spring?

One name in the hat for entering, one name in the hat for answering the Spring question, one if you blog about the giveaway, and two if you become a follower.  If you do all of these things (you have to post about them so I'll know) you will have 5 chances to win.  There also the fact that I'm feeling generous and may add more items when I get the camera to work!! 

Let's have this go until April 1st!!

Sorry about the photo thing.