Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jellyroll Start

Can you believe that I'm back so soon?  I'm suppose to clean house this morning before I go to work but I keep getting distracted.  Ever happen to anyone else? 

This is the start of my jellyroll quilt.  I have all of the four patch blocks made and all of the setting fabric cut.  I'm following the book and you start in the corner and work your way across.  This has been fun so far!!  I'll work more on it this week-end, I hope.

Does anyone else have a helper like this?  I'm so scared that I'm going to cut him but he wants to help!!!
This is what I work on when I watch tv.  I'm making Lucy's afghan.  The pattern is on the Attic 24 Blog at
I love Lucy's blog and she has the most wonderful photos

Check back as I have a recycle project for this bottle!!!
Hope everyone has a great day/evening.  Rain, gloomy and maybe snow tonight. 
Someday my Spring will appear!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jelly Roll Books and Peanut Butter

This is the Jelly Roll quilt that I'm working on.  They used Heather Bailey's fabric and I would love to make it in her fabric also but Botany was what I had and I like it.
I had to go out and get setting fabric and wouldn't you know that I would pick polka dots!!  Love the DOTS!!

 These are all of my 4 square blocks and they are all set in a triangle pattern.  Very cool!!
This is a quilt of beach houses designed by Jenny Hutchison and I love this quilt!!

This is a Peace Medallion and was designed by Paula Diggle

This is May Flowers designed by Joanne Ridley and I want to walk out in my garden and see this quilt waiting for me!!!

This is the first book that Pam and Nicky Lintott did on Jelly Rolls.  Great things inside this one and I'm sooo happy that I purchased both of their books.
Is this not a beauty?

The Friendship Braid fabrics in this photo are by Anna Griffin.  Very calm and soothing!!

Garden Trellis - love the design
This is Sparkling Gemstones and it's made with Kaffe Fassett's fabric.  Is there more to say?  :)

This is my Peanut Butter boy and this is the reason it's hard to get the bed made.  He gets comfy and I can't move him so I let him and the bed be.  I think he looks good next to these hot pink sheets.  He'll be 15 years old soon and his sister is harder to catch and she is shy. 

Thanks for stopping by and part of this post is next because I could not get photos to post.  So I go from over a month of not posting to two.  I hope you are having a wonderful day/evening.

Part one Jelly Roll

I started a post and had a bunch of photos loaded and it threw it out!!  So here I go again.  This is loaded with photos and info about 2 quilting books that I bought and some other stuff!!  :)  I can't seem to get more photos at the moment.  So I'll talk about these - which is my latest project.
MODA Botany Jellyroll!!  I wish the photos were better but it's raining and dreary today.  This is very yummy!!!
Here are bad photos around the roll

This photo turned out better

This is the book that I'm loving right now.  I don't usually buy books as I can get so many patterns and ideas off the Internet and the library has tons of books.  But I was in Jo Ann's I had a coupon and this book had to go home with me!!  A purchase that I highly recommend.
Jelly Roll Inspirations by Pam and Nicky Lintott.  This is a step-by-step guide and there are 12 Jelly Roll Quilts in the book.  This is a sequel to their book Jelly Roll Quilts and I went back a couple of weeks later and purchased that one.  There are 17 projects in the first book.  I don't usually do a book review but the photos of each quilt, the instructions, etc. are easy to follow and the quilt I worked on yesterday with the above Jelly Roll was quick.  Sometimes I'm all over the place but by going step by step with the book I stayed organized.

I'm going to have to do two posts as Blogger won't let me upload anymore photos.  I'll get on that right now.