Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cindy Walter Painting Class

One of the classes that I took at the International Quilt Festival was Fabric Painting Master Class with Cindy Walter.  She has been teaching this class for years now and I found her to be an excellent teacher, patient and she taught most  everything in her book in the day long class.  She had us paint on white fabric and mine was white good quality muslin.
We painted on the cloth dry and we spritzed water on the fabric to dampen it and painted.

On the next two I used stamps and bubble wrap.

The next one I used salt and you can see it still has the salt on it.
Cindy was selling some of her items and this is the paint that we used

The Dyna-Flow I've been using so I am just showing you the package

These are the small brushes that Cindy uses and they are good brushes

This is Stabilized Fabric that you can paint on and then it has a peel off back

                                                       These are the inkjet sheets and I was able to get one package

The fabrics below were black polka dots on white fabric.  When I got home I painted them these colors.  I painted them so that there are light and darker areas.  I'm thinking about putting them in a small quilt. 

This gives you info on some of the things that you can do.  I know that Cindy is coming out with a new book in the fall.  If you have an opportunity to take a class and you are interested in painting on fabric then go for it.  There is sooo much to learn.  I'm going to paint on ugly fabric this week-end I hope and I'll show you what happens with that.  I'll make sure and take before and after photos.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Quilt Show 3rd Posting of Photos


More photos and I had a difficult time posting these!  I hope tomorrow that I have time to tell you about the class that I took with Cindy Walter and some of the painting on cloth that I did during the class and since I've been home.  Wonderful class!!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

2013 International Quilt Festival Post 2

My two friends entering the Duke Center and the following are more quilts

This was made with neck ties

My friends

This was amazing and won first place

This was an investigation scene and these two dogs had been bad.  One of my favorites