Thursday, June 17, 2010

View Out My Office Window

This is the view out of my work office window and do you see my new friend?  Is he/she ever cute.  Well I wanted a closer photo so I went out and as you can see at the top of the blog; I got pretty close.  There is also a baby rabbit running around but I've always been on my way to another part of the Church or to a meeting so I haven't been able to grab a camera.  I was able to take a photo of a butterfly that I've never seen in the Midwest before.  In fact it let me pet it with my finger.  I left my camera at work but I'll post that soon.  I'd love to know what kind it is.  Tomorrow I have some sinus surgery but I should be back on by Saturday I hope!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Evening Storms and Sky Photos

We've been having a storm come through every evening.  Lots of thunder and lightning (Monday night on the TV weather during the storm there was over 7,000 lightning strikes in 3 counties and my county was one of them).  Last night the sirens went off because just SE of the city I live in there was golf ball size hail and very unstable weather.  I have a basement but I don't run down there as I like to watch how the weather is developing.
Last night I went out on the side porch and the above photos are of the sky to the west.  This sky was beautiful but not what we normally see.  I like those pink sunsets that mean it will be a nice day tomorrow!  But I am glad that I took these photos since these colors were great and the storm was moving away.
It's 6:30am here and quiet this morning.  I can see the birds starting to play outside the window that my laptop faces.  I hope it will be a nice day but I wish the humidity would go away!  I want to do some more redoing projects and I don't think the paint will dry.  Maybe soon!
Have a Great day or evening!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Package by Royal Mail

Okay this is upside down but bear with me! :)
I received a package with the Royal Mail tag
If you start from the bottom and come up you can see the envelope and the little pieces tied together.
I LOVE little pieces of cloth and especially when they were someone elses as I've never seen them before.

Look at those little cars and the flower!
Are these pretty or what?I love them all!!This one could be more than one!
Look at these buses!  Where would I find them here!!
Look at the wellies and the animals all dressed up!
Hippos and Lady Bugs!
The package!
The Royal Sticker!!
This came from my friend Jo   and please check out her blog.  It's amazing all of the things she makes and her Flicker photos are wonderful!!  I thank you soooo much and this is such a sweet thing to do!

Saturday's Garage Sale and Farmers Market

This I found out at the thrift store and it's in wonderful shape and the embrodiery is on both ends.
I found two of these at the thrift store and I'm painting them for my granddaughters and we can hang them on the wall,  Will show this when I have them painted.  Sorry about this mess but someday I'll clean up this area.
This I found on clearance at Hobby Lobby and I love black and white polka dots!!  I love polka dots.
This I found at the farmers market!  this is a cup, saucer and spoon glues together and then attached to a plumbing pipe.  I don't usually go in for this kind of stuff but I'm starting to so I wonder if I'm getting old?
This is a shoe that I never wore but I picked them up at a garage sale and thought I'd make a little planter. 
Well this is all I have for today.  I purchased other items this week-end but haven't taken photos yet.  It's either so humid you can't go out or storming!  We have some kind of storm or rain every day.  But it is so green and lush that it's worth it.
Have a great day or evening!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Chair Seat Makeover

My daughter and son-in-law were given these white chairs with the ugliest blue velour like fabric on the seats. They have two girls, two cats and an indoor white bunny. Do you know what happens to these seats? Ugh! They are covered in hair and I received a call this morning saying that something had to be done as they keep trying to clean them and it's not working. I had purchased some decorator fabric a couple of years ago at a garage sale of course that is a beach theme and their house is a beach theme as they are always talking about moving to Hawaii or the beach.

I did not want the fabric ruined as it was very nice so I stopped at Joann's and purchased some plastic. I know this sounds bad but I did the chair bottoms so that they can eventually take the plastic off when the girls are older. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do with kids.
Here is one of the original chairs.

This shows that the bottom has been removed.  It's usually very easy to remove the bottom but on this one it had been screwed on with long screws so I had to use a drill to remove them.  Easy Easy!!
I cut the plastic :( and the fabric so that they would cover the bottom and give me a couple of inches on the back side to staple.  I made sure there were no wrinkles in the plastic or the fabric and I started by stapling one side.  Then I went to the opposite side and pulled the fabric tight and stapled.  On the other two sides I wrapped them like a gift and stapled.  Always making sure that the fabric is taut.

Here is one side stapled and I don't trim as no one is going to see it unless they turn your chair upside down.  If they do then they do.

Here is the finished chair.  I did 4 of these in less that 30 minutes.  The family went swimming so I did the chairs and left.  I did not screw them back in as my son-in-law can do that.  There was enough fabric left to do a wide table runner so I hope that my daughter will sew that.  A new dining area and the cost was:
Chairs - Free
Fabric -$5.00
Plastic - 3.50
Staples - Free as they had them
So for $8.50 they have 4 beautiful dining room chairs that won't get stained! 
This was a fun thing to do!!
Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll try to hook up to these two!!