Saturday, March 16, 2013

March 17, 2013 Orange Quilt

Working more on my black, white and yellow blocks.  Thinking about adding a little yellow between them.  Have to wait and see.  These blocks started out at 12.5" then I added 2.5" of black all around  At this time I think I have 36 blocks but I'm thinking about adding another row on the bottom.  I keep changing my mind as I'm working on them!!

This is a purse that my daughter knitted with wool and then felted.  I really like it a lot and it's very large!!

This is another block to add to my rainbow blocks.  Need to work on more than one project or I go crazy!!

This is a little batik curtain I made for my sewing room

A friend of mine left yesterday for Italy but left this book for me to look at and also I offerred to make some quilt blocks for a quilt she is doing for her granddaughter.  This quilt has a gazillion pieces so hopefull I can get a couple of blocks done.  I'm not crazy about little tiny pieces that are futzy!  But I want to help my friend.

This is a pillow that I purchased in the Thrift Shop that I volunteer at once a month.  I love this rabbit.

Here is my orange quilt completed even with the binding!!  I must confess that I sent it out to be quilted and my friend Suzy did the binding.  She is amazing at binding!!!  I am blessed with wonderful friends!!

This is a large mug rug that we did at quilting group and yes I did this binding.  I'm slow!!
Well it's almost 60 degrees here in Indiana and the sun is even shining.  In this state the winters are gloomy with not a lot of sunshine.  I do love the sunshine!!!
Check back soon as I'm going to start clearing out some fabric and I'm going to put it up for sale here.  At least that is my plan.
Have a great day or evening!!!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bloomington Quilt Show 2013 #3

Well this is the last photos of the show that I'm going to put on.  Next month we'll be in Cincinnati for the International Quilt show and I hope to have more photos from there. I'm very excited about taking classes there for the first time.

I hope you enjoyed all the photos and sorry they were not that great.  Next time I'll take photos of some of the items I purchased and a great ironing tool.  This is bad but yesterday my friend and I went to Indianapolis to go to Crimson and Tate (modern quilt store) and then drove way way up to the north side to another quilt store.  I can't remember the name but I'll look at my receipt.  They had the most fabric that I had seen in a quilt shop.  Very helpful!!

Bloomington Quilt Show 2013 #2 Photos

I want to get as many photos as possible downloaded.  I'm going to try for one more post yet today.  The modern art quilts are my favorite but some of the traditional ones are amazing.  I cannot imagine all of the work in those intricate blocks.  I like things are are fast and colorful!

It was beautiful here today and I would say in the low 60's.  There was a breeze but it didn't chill you.  I've been dog sitting this week-end and it's very tiring running back and forth between two houses. 
I did take an opportunity to put a white sheet on the clothesline today and sprayed it with different colors of fabric paint.  I really like it and I'll have to take a photo.  I forgot to take my camera when it was on the line.  It's in my car and going to the quilt group tomorrow for show and tell.  I also dyed a white piece of fabric by boiling some avocado skins and then letting the fabric sit in the water for about 24 hours. Turns a very pretty pink.  Who would have thought?  It's my understanding that you can use all kinds of plants and that is going to be a project for this summer.  Stay tuned as I'll do photos!!
Thanks for stopping by!!

Bloomington IN Quilt Show 2013

On our way to the quilt show is lots of woods and I took some photos out of the car window.  Hopefully this is our last snow for this winter.  Just a few more days until SPRING!!

I could only get a few photos on and these are just where we started. 

The next quilt was at least a queen and all of these pieces were like an inch.  I can't imagine piecing all of those.

See how goofy the photos ended up being?  Lightning was not good and my camera is just not good at this type of photos but it gives you an idea.