Saturday, February 7, 2009

This is what I've been thinking about - gardening. I can taste the fresh vegetables and feel the soil in my hands. I need to see spring so that all of these seeds become living things!!
I want to grumble about watering every day and see all the flowers blooming. It gives me joy just to watch them and to smell their fragrance.
This is one of the books that I'm reading from the library. I want to be ready!!
We have a large lot that we started last year and called it the Victory Garden. People can have a free plot and we get as many plants and seeds as we can and give them away. We did well last year but there were still a lot of weeds and the soil needed to be nourished. In the fall a man from the church brought 3 dump trucks of compost and now this spring we will need to rake and spread that. Good nourishment for the soil. We are also planning a party with a cookout and the works for May 2nd. We had a kick off party last year that went well and this year we want it to be even better. I'm getting excited!!!!!!!

I love to take photos of the sky and the first photo shows the neighbors roof tops with snow. Isn't the shy beautiful??

The trees look so cool against the blue and you can see the white of the clouds peaking through. It has been so cold here and with all of the ice it has not been safe to wander far. But today it will be in the high 50's and hopefully the ice and snow will melt.
I'm taking the girls to Chuck E Cheese this afternoon. We haven't been for awhile.
This morning I've been working on a rail fence and 9 patch block. Gotta do some sewing!!!
Have a Wonderful Day!!