Saturday, June 5, 2010

Built in Cabinet

This is a built in china cabinet and it's located right where you come into the kitchen.  It's a great spot as you couldn't put anything big there.  I've been pondering if I should paint it white.  My goal is to eventually paint the kitchen cabinets white but not this year.  I moved into this house in October and there are a lot of other things that need to be done.  My question is - what would you do?

In this photo you can see a little of the wallpaper and I don't really care for wallpaper but I like it in the kitchen here.  It adds to the charm.
I did find some great things at the neighborhood garage sale that was at my friends.  We did well at what we sold and at finding some bargains.  Maybe tomorrow I can post.
Have a great Saturday or Sunday depending on where you are!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I Received a Package!!

Tonight I didn't get home until after 8pm from work.  Today is my 12 - 14 hour day and I'm always exhausted.
I opened the door to get the mail and there was a package between the doors!  This is the package but then when I open this package I found ----
Another Package soooo I opened this one and found
This package with some beautiful fabric showing through!  Now I'm really excited because these are my colors!!!I received a purse organizer, a business card holder that are both in the same Beautiful fabric and then there is this cute cream colored bag with a green satin ribbon as the tie and it says "Made to Treasure."  What could it be?  Is this cute or is this cute????  A pin cushion that looks like something you can eat with a lady bug on top!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I love everything and would have been happy with one thing but instead I received 4 count them 4 items!  The photos do not show how wonderful these are but I was so excited that I had to share right away!  I'll take more photos later and show you and I also love her business card.
This was won through the Sew Mama Sew giveaway and this was sent all the way from Oman!  This is wonderful and I hope that you will visit Mayya at
All of her items are hand made and believe me when I say the ones I received are wonderful! 
Thanks Mayya!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Winner of my Give Away - Check out her blog

This was one of the winners of the Give Away from my blog.  It sure makes you happy when someone is so excited about receiving a gift from you.  I also think that everyone will enjoy reading this blog.
I have a lot of questions for her but will have to wait.  She is a share holder and I'm not for sure what that means.  I'll sure she'll explain it to me.
Check it out!!

Another Giveaway!!

PoppyPrint is having a Giveaway!

Go over and take a look!!
When I get to 60 followers then I'll have another giveaway!!
Back to work today so everyone have a wonderful day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Ugliest Couch Contest - My Entry

I saw this contest over at
 and thought to myself that I have the ugliest sofa!

I keep it covered up and it's in great shape, sturdy and comfortable. But I don't like looking at that 80's sofa. Why don't I buy a new one? Well it has to do with money and the fact that I really like this sofa other that the way it looks. What I need is a nice cover but then it all comes back to money, moo la, bucks! A good cover can cost as much as a cheap sofa but then I don't want new! I love the idea that this sofa cost me NOTHING! Of course someone gave it away, do you think someone would pay money for it? I like the idea that it's what I call recycled! I love other people's treasures junk. So here we go.
Please vote for me if I get in the running as I could use a new cover!! 

Jobs and Stuff for Memorial Day 2010

This is my A/C unit and it's not running very well and the house is HOT and I don't like HOT!  So I was in the yard and thought I'd just look at it and I know NOTHING about things like this.  But then I noticed this stuff all over it!This didn't look good and to my understanding the a/c unit has to pull air thru to cool.  Well this wouldn't work as it had all this stuff on it.  What could I use to clean it off?  I went to the garage and grabbed a paint brush that had stiff bristles and was small.  It started taking this junk off!  Then I went and got a larger paint brush and it was faster but you still needed the small one to get stuff out in the tight places. 
This is how it looks now (not a good photo) and it's cooling the house!  I just saved myself about $200 - $250 for a service man to come out and do the same thing.  Later I'm going to Lowe's and see if they have a tool so I can get the grill off and if there is a special comb I can use.  Just wanted to pass this along so you too can save money. I had my a/c unit off while I did this but I don't think it would matter except the noise would drive you crazy!! :)
This is my Christmas cactus that had close to 200 blooms at Christmas time.  I've had it sitting on the porch since March and she's decided that it is Christmas in May!
 Isn't this a special treat!  I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day and say a prayer of thanks for all our soldiers who have done so much and those in the war now. 
Be Safe!
PS:  I'll let you know if I find the stuff at Lowe's and this took 20 minutes!!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Day of Rest It's Not

I've been reading this and I use boxes of baking soda all the time.  This is wonderful, inexpensive and a natural product that can be used for bathing, skin care, cleaning, etc.

I was very hungry for something this morning!French toast, blueberries covered in Golden Syrup. 
What's Golden Syrup?  Well I was introduced to this wonderful syrup when I went to China.  There was one place that we went to lunch at when we were in Macau and they had the best french toast and they served it with Golden Syrup.  People took photos of me and this syrup!  I now purchase it on Amazon and our UK friends use it when they bake.  We Americans use vanilla but they use Golden Syrup.  Lucy over at Attic 24 has shared some wonderful recipes that use Golden Syrup.  Try the chocolate chip cookies as the Golden Syrup just adds a different taste that I really like.  When you see all the yummy things she bakes you will thank me!  She has a fabulous Blog that must be read by over a thousand people!  She's a joy!
What are these magazines?  I only went to a couple of garage sales and this was my big buy.  There are 11 magazines for $1.00!  I also purchased another item from the same sale but it's going to be made over but not sure yet what I want to do.  We'll see.
Other books I'm browsing.  I sure hope I can make it to the UK and Ireland next year!!

In my garden I have tomatoes!!  I can taste them and sometimes I touch the leaves of the plant as I love the smell of tomato plant leaves.  Try it if you've never done this.  I do it to herbs all the time.
This is my first rose and is she not beautiful?  She smells amazing and this was one of two rose bushes that I bought from Big Lots!  This goes to show you that you don't have to spend all that money.  These were either $2.99 or $3.99!!  The other one is getting ready to bloom and this one with the bloom has a bud that will open soon.  I don't remember the names but they are both suppose to be climbers and I planted them on the south side of a shed/pump house.  I want them to climb over the shed as I thought that would look so pretty.
This guy is a towel that hangs in my kitchen.  I have so much of this chef stuff and a friend gave me a 4 foot one when she redecorated!  I also have a built in cabinet that is full.  This is the third house I've used them in and I do love them.  Sometimes I think I'd like to do a pink kitchen but there is way too much money is this stuff.  Do you ever feel like that?
Tomorrow I'm going to show you something that I would like suggestions for.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful day.  I have to get back to cleaning and working on the garage sale for next week.