Sunday, February 27, 2011

My New Sewing Item

My friend told me a few weeks ago that she was getting rid of her big sewing item and I told her I'd like to buy it if I could.  She gave it to me and she and her husband came over today and set it up.  Want to see what it is???????
I had to set it up in my living room as I have a small house.  I have wonderful light in this room and I'm going to move my sewing machines and everything in here.  Is this not an unbelievable gift?  Now I'll have to practice using it as I have a stack of tops to quilt.  I may take some lessons and my friend knows someone who she may send over to teach me more.  Payment - I will quilt things for her and I house sit/dog sit once in a while.  Can you believe this?  I feel sooooo blessed to have friends like her.
Count your blessings today!!!