Sunday, December 21, 2008

Homemade Christmas Gifts

In the last two days I have spent at least 12 hours on what was going to start out as simple vests for my granddaughters into a creating frenzy. The blue vest is for Josie and I added her name, and pockets then I decided that a collage of the fabric would be cute on the back so then I went on and used some fabric paint with a brush. Then I remembered that I had purchased a button maker so I made a button (that was fund once I got the hang of it) and then last I had some scraps and made mittens. You can see by the thumbs that fabric was short but who cares. It's a designer mitten! LOL
For Kat's vest I did the exact thing with some differences and her button was the first one I made and it isn't as good as Josie's. But when I get some more of those thingys I can make more buttons.
I have been giving them gifts every week since Christmas Day is crazy. This was they will enjoy gifts before Santa comes. I heard from an elf that each are getting American Dolls. I did make the girls and their new dolls scarfs with fleece on one side and white curly fur on the other. It's always nice to match your doll. Oh! I need to take more photos as I made them crayon rolls but I made mine to fit markers and a small note book. I'll get that done and I'll take some photos of the scarfs. Gotta Go!! Have a great day or evening!!!!!

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