Saturday, March 14, 2009

New Fabrics

These are some of my thrift store finds. Don't you love the colors and the polka dots? There were only 3 pink plates but I thought that I could have a luncheon with my granddaughters and so there would only be three of us and that would be perfect!

This basket will be part of a silent auction for missions and the pink vase is for me!!

I went to Joanns and used a coupon for this magazine.
Then they had a sale and this is the fabric that I bought! Do you see a theme here? Well through out here the theme is that I'm really getting into polka dots! But then I've always loved polka dots.

I don't know what I'm going to do with most of this fabric but I can always just touch it and play with it. I'm thinking that I might make a bright polka dotted shower curtain and brighten up the bathroom. Make make it a patchwork?? What do you think??

Okay - I know that I have a serious problem. But there is sure a lot of color when I look at my fabric!! Hope you enjoyed my latest items and I have a new magazine that I'll take some photos of. I see the wonderful magazines that are shown at Attic24 and then I went and subscribed to some!! I need to relax and I hope this will help me.
Have a good week-end!!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Judy
Lovely to see you over at my blog. You have a great place here, fabulous fabrics. I love all the colour and Peanut Butter is Adorable! I'd love to add you to my list too.
Hope you have a super weekend