Saturday, July 24, 2010

Quilt Block Three

This is my latest Sho Fly Block and there are horsefly's in the middle which is what you find around lakes and ponds, then the blue for water and the two greens for the greenery that grows around the edge of water.  I like the block I just hope the person that it's going to will like it.

These are the three blocks I've made in the same pattern.  What a difference!!
This is Smokey and this is her chair.  I had not posted a photo of these guys for a long time.  Peanut Butter as you can see is half asleep as I woke him up.  I can really see him aging more than his sister.  They are 14 years old.
This is how you find them often and a lot of times Smokey has her leg draped over Peanut Butter.  They are very very good!!
Have a good day/evening!!

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Terrie said...

Oooh, sweet Smokey and Peanut Butter.