Sunday, August 8, 2010

Decoupaging a Bookshelf

Been awhile as I had a virus (maybe Face book?) and I realized it after I had typed an entire post that would not go. 
I'm giving this bookcase to a friend and I asked if she would like me to decoupage it and she picked out some paper that she liked.
I try to lay put my cut papers but to be honest the design always changes.  But it's nice to see how many papers you will need before you start as this gets messy.  I taped a piece of freezer paper to the top of my coffee table and used that to glue my papers.  I used ModPodge and I'm generous with the glue.  I put some on the bookcase and the back of the paper.  When I had the whole area done I went over it again with the glue.
This is the bookshelf finished and she only wanted the top done so I hope she likes it.  I also color washed the edges with a lime green. 
This is part of how the top ended up.
Another view of the top
The top again!  I really like the top.  If I had time I would have made the inside different but when she gets her knick knacks in there it will be fine.  I'm doing these shelving units for my office area and I'm loving it.  Stay tuned for that.

Have a wonderful day/evening!!

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InMyOwnStyle said...

Hi Judy-

Thanks for stopping by my site. It makes me :) to know that you found some inspiration. What a clever way to make your shelves fit into your passion for fabric and quilting. I love it. All the colors- so inspiring. I once made or I should say started a quilt for a course I took in college. My mom finished it for me so I could pass the class. yours are beautiful.

My best- Diane