Monday, May 31, 2010

Ugliest Couch Contest - My Entry

I saw this contest over at
 and thought to myself that I have the ugliest sofa!

I keep it covered up and it's in great shape, sturdy and comfortable. But I don't like looking at that 80's sofa. Why don't I buy a new one? Well it has to do with money and the fact that I really like this sofa other that the way it looks. What I need is a nice cover but then it all comes back to money, moo la, bucks! A good cover can cost as much as a cheap sofa but then I don't want new! I love the idea that this sofa cost me NOTHING! Of course someone gave it away, do you think someone would pay money for it? I like the idea that it's what I call recycled! I love other people's treasures junk. So here we go.
Please vote for me if I get in the running as I could use a new cover!! 


Pink and Polka Dot said...

oh my! that IS ugly! i'm sorry for you! thanks for joining the contest and sharing with us!

MommaHensCoop said...

haha, it's funny to see everyones ugly sofas!! I live in the north-Eastern part of KY along the OH river :)

Amanda said...

This genius idea! Makes me sad that mine's relatively ok!!! Nice to see you over at Amanda Makes. Lots of love, Amanda xxx