Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What can I do with this fabric??

I really like this fabric and I was able to get all they had but it's only a yard and a half. Any suggestions on what I can make????????


Just-Stephany said...

Judy! I think you should make one of those neck things that is filled with those beanie things. for when you're traveling. Also you could make an eye cover thing. O my I'm no good at describing...remind me and i will try to tell you again tomorrow.

Dana said...

I would use this fabric for travel photos. Take a frame, staple the fabric around the frame, put some ribbons across it. Use some fancy thumb tacks on your ribbons and slide your travel photos underneath the ribbons. A fabric photo holder.
Your blog is so fun to visit. I really enjoy reading it daily.Thanks for sharing your stories with us.
Dana, Stillwater, OK