Sunday, February 20, 2011

Part one Jelly Roll

I started a post and had a bunch of photos loaded and it threw it out!!  So here I go again.  This is loaded with photos and info about 2 quilting books that I bought and some other stuff!!  :)  I can't seem to get more photos at the moment.  So I'll talk about these - which is my latest project.
MODA Botany Jellyroll!!  I wish the photos were better but it's raining and dreary today.  This is very yummy!!!
Here are bad photos around the roll

This photo turned out better

This is the book that I'm loving right now.  I don't usually buy books as I can get so many patterns and ideas off the Internet and the library has tons of books.  But I was in Jo Ann's I had a coupon and this book had to go home with me!!  A purchase that I highly recommend.
Jelly Roll Inspirations by Pam and Nicky Lintott.  This is a step-by-step guide and there are 12 Jelly Roll Quilts in the book.  This is a sequel to their book Jelly Roll Quilts and I went back a couple of weeks later and purchased that one.  There are 17 projects in the first book.  I don't usually do a book review but the photos of each quilt, the instructions, etc. are easy to follow and the quilt I worked on yesterday with the above Jelly Roll was quick.  Sometimes I'm all over the place but by going step by step with the book I stayed organized.

I'm going to have to do two posts as Blogger won't let me upload anymore photos.  I'll get on that right now.

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