Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jellyroll Start

Can you believe that I'm back so soon?  I'm suppose to clean house this morning before I go to work but I keep getting distracted.  Ever happen to anyone else? 

This is the start of my jellyroll quilt.  I have all of the four patch blocks made and all of the setting fabric cut.  I'm following the book and you start in the corner and work your way across.  This has been fun so far!!  I'll work more on it this week-end, I hope.

Does anyone else have a helper like this?  I'm so scared that I'm going to cut him but he wants to help!!!
This is what I work on when I watch tv.  I'm making Lucy's afghan.  The pattern is on the Attic 24 Blog at
I love Lucy's blog and she has the most wonderful photos

Check back as I have a recycle project for this bottle!!!
Hope everyone has a great day/evening.  Rain, gloomy and maybe snow tonight. 
Someday my Spring will appear!!

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