Saturday, December 13, 2008

Moment of Weakness Shopping

This is my addiction and today it's "BAD"!!!!!! I went to Joann's but I don't remember for what and this is part of the results. This fat quarter with the hats was on 99 cents and it called me! It was the only one of it's kind and it knew that I had some other hat fabric warm and cozy at my house.
These were on sale the orange and the blue
were 30% off and the dark polka dot was 60% off and like $2.32 yard! The cat fabric on the right was a remnant and just under a yard and I got it for the remnant price plus another 30% off. I was organizing some fabric tonight and I was amazed at how much cat fabric I have. Then when I buy it I don't want to cut it because it's cat fabric! I'm changing my ways!

I don't know why I need the boy fabrics but how could I pass them up at 60% off and being $2.32!

I'm saving the best for last! Are these fabrics beautiful or what!! Again, 60% off!! These will be purses I think as they are not quilting fabrics they are 100% cotton but heavier. The lady at Joann's told me what they were but I don't remember because I usually only buy quilting fabrics. Some of the fabric for the outside and some for the inside of the bags. I am wondering if I should buy more of these at $2.32 a yard. I purchased one yard each as I was trying to be responsible. What should I do????????

I want you to know that money is tight but I can't resist!! I'm ashamed of all the fabric that I already have. But I don't smoke, drink seldom (too expensive!), I don't have any bad habits except for fabric and thrift stores. Maybe I should take up the others and not worry about all this fabric that needs a home. Does anyone else feel like this?? I may be the only one ---but wait -------- I hear voices and others are calling that they too need help. Well - don't look to me as I'm the worst!! Any professionals out there that can be of assistance?

I did start organizing my fq's as I can never find what I'm looking for and I'm impressed with what I've done so far. I'll be showing you soon and I may over the Christmas break do a super organizing job on my sewing room. I have got to get it organized or it's going to take over my life. The sewing room has been moving somewhat into the living room and I need to whip it back as if it were a lion or tiger. Otherwise they are going to find my body under the moving fabric.

Tomorrow I'll do part II and show you some of the other things I bought!! Can you believe this? And I went out when I was ill for milk and cat food and this is what I came home with.
Okay - who else has done this and I know there has to be stories out there that are worse than this.
Have a good nite (I'm going to bed soon) or have a wonderful day if you're just waking up.


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Great lot of fabrics....what I would give to buy fabric at that price....most of our good quality fabric here in Oz is between $20 and $24 dollars a metre....thanks so much for dropping by my blog, love your blog I too will be back.

Quirky said...

You can never have enough cat fabric....A colleague of mine is retiring on Wednesday and is a quilter....she is concerned that she will not be able to afford fabric when she runs it is not an addiction at are making an investment for your retirement! It is all lovely fabric btw. Thank you for your comment on my blog. It made me smile.

Western Australia