Thursday, August 1, 2013

ABC Baby Quilt

I'm going to Wisconsin for the Quilt Expo as I've said before.  I wanted to make a quilt for my nephews new baby and decided to use some of my ABC squares.  I have several sets of these so I might as well use them.  I've only made one other quilt with some of them.
This is the rows that need to be sewed together.

I ended up being very neat on the backside (not normal for me) so I had to show that.  May never happen again so I'll have a record.

This is the top on my design wall.  Yes, I know it's messy! LOL 
I called the quilter and she will pick up the top tomorrow and have it ready for me so that I can get the binding on before I go.  I will quilt  a baby quilt but I want this to have lots of designs and pretty threads.

This is the backing!!  I also put this on the bottom row to finish the row out.  I have no idea where I bought this but I went into the hall closet where I keep my novelty fabrics (no room in the sewing room closet) and found this!  I think that this will be great as a growing quilt as right now it's 41x54.  I think it would go nicely on a toddler bed as well as a crib.  I also think that I may put a hanging sleeve in case they want to hang it up.
I'll be off to work soon.  It's the day I go in late and then stay until 7:00pm Church.
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Cheryll said...

What a lovely quilt and I'm sure your nephew (and baby) will love it!
Thanks also for signing up to Friday Night with Friends! :)