Sunday, July 28, 2013

Week 5 Savings and Quilt Expo in September in Madison WI

Week 5 savings is another $10.00 so I'm at $54.00 but if I went with the plan I would be at $15.00.  I think this is going to help a lot when I get toward the end.  I'm still excited about this so that is good.

I had told my brother that I would visit him in August or September and so the first week of September I'll be in Madison WI and I'll also attend the Quilt Expo.  I already have my tickets and I've signed up for 5 classes!!!  I hope that I'm not overwhelmed!!  I also ordered a bag and a T-Shirt.  I usually don't buy the T-Shirt but may not make it back to this one again.   Five classes added up to over $300.00 but where else am I going to have this opportunity?  I do go to the International Quilt Show in Cincinnati in April.  Love that show!!

Has anyone else been to this?  Taken classes with these instructors?  Taken one of these classes?  Are you going this year?  Suggestions or helpful information?  Anyone want to meet up for lunch one day?  I'll be there for 3 days since I have a class every day.  E-mail me at

Can you tell how excited I am?  Can you tell that I'm not looking forward to the 8 hour drive?  This is my vacation for this year!!  I'll go up on Sunday or Monday and return home on Sunday.  I have to be back to work on Monday as I'm going to Nashville TN that Wednesday thru Saturday for a conference and will attend two seminars per day.  I'm going with co-workers and I don't think I'll have to drive.  I think with the two that I will attend 11 classes/seminars in a week.  I may need some time off after all of that!  LOL

I'm signed up for:

Winter Dreaming - Cat Quilt taught by Frieda Anderson
Working from Thumbnail to Grand Scale by Wendy Butler Burns
Parallelisms - Beginning Fiber Art by Chris Lynn Kirsch
Colorful Leaves by Laura Wasilowski
Silk Strip Wall Hanging by Tisha Sandberg

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