Sunday, October 12, 2008

Historical Home Tour

Yesterday morning I went on part of the tour and in the afternoon I was a tour guide for one of the houses. Understand that I was in the hallway bedroom and atrium wing. There is a desk in one of the bedrooms from the Paris Exhibition of 1889. Louis XV style bed, views that are wonderful, art pieces everywhere, plants, and you name it. It would take days to really observe all of the items in the home. I really enjoyed giving my little speal and talking to all of the people that came through. I had never done this before but I would again.

One of the other houses on the tour takes you back in time. The couple that were the tour guides played Ward and June Cleaver. This house has never been updated from the 50's and it was so cute. The original red counter tops, tile, cabinets in the kitchen with the little breakfast nook. I would have loved to take photos but I saw one man taking photos and he was told that photos were not allowed.

I did take a photo of the oldest Butternut tree in Indiana with an old car in front. I figured that no one would say anything about that. I also took a photo of the lake from the upstairs patio of another house.

I was so tired last night that I went to bed early and I sure didn't want to talk to anyone! But now today I've been doing laundry, making autograph cats to sell at the craft show and now this. This is my break time. :) In an hour or so I will go and get the girls for a few hours but the oldest has piano at 3:00 on Sunday afternoons. Then I'll come back and work more on the craft show.

I get so worried that nothing will sell since I've never done this before. But I have a variety of items so I think we'll be okay.

Any hints on craft shows would be helpful!!

Have A BEAUTIFUL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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