Monday, October 27, 2008

Potato Soup

I've been feeling under the weather with a sore throat and tickling in my ears. Now I have a cough and I feel miserable. I think I'll go to work for a while and then come home to bed. I made potato soup last night and it was so good! I made it with what I had in the cabinets.
Peeled potatoes in quarters
small can Chicken Broth
can Cream of Chicken Soup
2 cans evaporated milk (had no milk in the house)
some salt and pepper
thyme and rosemary
I simmered on the stove until the potatoes were soft and then I mashed up some of the potatoes and added a can of cheese soup and part of a block of sharp cheddar cheese.
This soup was great and even my neighbor ate her whole bowl right away.
It's interesting what you can make with what you have available without running to the store. Can't wait to have another bowl. Maybe for breakfast. :)
Have a great day!!!!

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