Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Illnes Causes Organization

I've been ill for several days but it dropped me to my knees yesterday afternoon at my desk. I was reliving being pregnant but in my office over my trash can (sorry but the truth). A virus that my darling granddaughter just got over. I called my daughter today because I have such a headache, spinning in my head and sore throat that I didn't know how a little one could have survived it! But she has and shes up playing!! Yeah!

I walked over to work this morning but they chased me home but I did finish one project that I was minutes away from finishing when I became so ill and checked e-mails. Then I came home but I'm not a day sleeper and this virus doesn't seem to be about sleep just feeling horrible. Oh - I did eventually stop the reliving of the pregnancy part and everyone that I've talked to today says that only lasts about 24 hours. Thank you Lord as that is one thing I can't deal with!!

I was able to spend some time looking at blogs and then I had all of these papers that I have printed that needed to go into plastic sheets and then a binder. I sat on the couch and did it! I even took a photo of it!! That's the organization part of this post. I'm not a tv watcher so projects that need to be done while sitting are hard for me. I spend my extra time fiddling with fabric, at the ironing board or the sewing machine. I need to sit on the couch more and relax but I'm not a relaxed person.
While going thru all the papers I found some things that I had printed from and I recommend that you check it out. Some good ideas for so many things and other sites. I did see where it said that instead of buying Pledge or whatever to use a damp cloth with some fabric softner on it to dust. The info said that you don't have to dust as often and you don't need air freshners since you're using the softner. Now I had to try this and when I am ill I just know that the dust is killing me so I had some liquid fabric softner and a damp rag and my house now smells like fresh laundry. Fresh laundry is a good smell!! I just keep wondering what we did before we had Blogs that now keep us up to date on these earth shaking things. Think of all the ideas, recipes, patterns, tips, etc. that we share with each other. Pretty cool! Is pretty cool still cool or should I be saying something else. I don't say "Groovy" like I did a few years ago.

I'm going to do another post tomorrow, I hope about Steph's and my trip to Indy on Saturday. I did take some photos of some my bargains. I left one store with two HUGE bags and several small bags of items. I'm didn't photo everything but some goodies. My favorite treasures are always from the thrift shops and we found one that we were in about two hours and never saw half the stuff!

Hope everyone had a good day or will be having a good day.

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