Thursday, December 11, 2008

Trip to Indianapolis

This little hat with kitties was handmade and I just had to have it. It's cotton so it will wash up nice and it may go to Brazil. More scarfs and that was part of my goal to buy scarfs. The bag on the right has an Old Navy tag but I think that someone took a piece of clothing and made it into a clothes pin bag. I use clothes pins for pants but also for closing bags. Much less expensive and they work better than those chip clips.

The duck bag was handmade and new, the scarf I added but I purchased it there. The photo on the right has an asian purse for one granddaughter and the purple one for the other. The scarf will be tied to a bag since that is the "Hot" thing to do. Some of the scarfs were 99 cents to $1.98. Bags also were in that price. There were sooo many purses and bags but you can only buy so much.

We left here and it was snowing more and the roads were getting worse the farther north that we went. This photo is by Greenwood Mall. It became worse the farther we went and we eventually just stopped as we had seen a thrift store and thought we should go there. We left that store about two hours later and did not see half the stuff. So many things were hand made and they must be donated there and they were so cheap you could hardly buy the fabric. They had lots of lap robes and they were so nice for $3.00. We didn't buy any but we might another time. Old people get cold and they sit in their chairs all day so that would be nice.
We were starving and went to Panera and had lunch. We don't have one here so it was a great treat. I brought home bagels, breads, etc. for everyone. I still have two bagels left in the fridge that I'm making last as long as possible.
We went to Flower City (I really didn't see much in flowers but you name it and it was there) and were there for over 3 hours and did not see the entire store. From this store I found bags of bargains but some were more scarfs, daytimers that we are going to turn into our iteniary/info/journals for our trip. These were $3.50 each and had lots of pages and tabs. We'll just change the tabs to suit our needs, add the paper work we need to take and we can carry these in our bags. When we went to China it was disorganized but with these daytimers we will have a list of our travel plans, where we will be each day that we are there, skit info, songs, games, devotions, journal, copy of passports and visas, etc. This is not my original idea as another group had something on the order of this in China. But I'm going to expand on what they had.
Oh - I just thought of some other items that I purchased but I need to take more photos. Maybe there will be a sequel to this post.
I did want to give you the blog that has all sorts of give aways listed. That would be the second one listed. The first one is giving away a silver pendant and the last one has lots of sewing things.
I could spend all day going thru these things and entering but then I did win a very nice bag that was home made this fall. It seems the odds can be against you but then you win!!
I'll take more photos and try to do part II soon. If I am up to it I will be in the Boar's Head tomorrow night, and two performances on Saturday. I have to get better!!!! This is on my bucket list (in my head) to do. Does anyone else have a bucket list of things they want to do? Maybe we should compare as you may want to do things that I hadn't thought about. Let me know!!

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