Friday, May 28, 2010


These are my babies!!  Cute

These are the shelves I'm painting

I have two of these chairs and this one needs a lot more black paint.  A little paint sure changes the chair or just about anything.
Did I tell you I have some tomato's on the plants?  Ok, I'll take some photos for later and some of the things blooming.
Have a great day!!

It's Friday and I took the day off!  Right now it's very early in the morning and of course I'm on the Internet.  I think that the quilters will enjoy this video on You Tube

This is my week-end to get all those yard sale items to my friend.  It's a BIG chore but it will be so much better when it's done.  Does everyone feel like that?

I hope to finish the shelf painting and to get my other chair for the front porch painted.  Do I have a sneak peek?  Okay, this is all upside down!  Just wanted to make sure you're awake!! :)

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