Sunday, May 23, 2010

Thoughts on a Sunday

What is this?  Of course you know that it's strips of Batiks but this is a Chinese Coin quilt top that I started a couple of years ago and then became distracted.  I found it this morning and have been doing some sewing on it.  Long long way to go but it's eye candy for my eyes as I look at it.This is a mug that a friend gave to me.  Oh ---- I think it's a cat face!! :)
This is what I dream about!  I want to go to Ireland and to the UK!!  Everyone knows and passes on their books or I find them used sometime.  There are so many areas that I want to go to in these two countries!!  I hope to meet some of the people that have blogs, go to car boot sales, markets and just see everything!!  I want to ride on the trains.  Do you know that I have never ridden on a big train!  Just the amusement park ones.  Where are you dreaming of going?

Thought it would be nice to share this cute picture.  One of my friends sent it to me.  I love cats you know! 

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