Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cake Frosting or Facial?

Does this look like frosting?  I can assure you that it smells wonderful, it's creamy and you just want to lick the spoon!  But it's not frosting believe it or not this is a facial that you mix up with ingredients from your kitchen.  There are times that I just have to try something and I did do this on Sunday.  It smell so good and you have to walk or sit around with this on your face and let it dry.  Then you rinse it off just like any other facial.  I have to say here and now that my skin felt so good, so soft and nourished after I did this.  WOW!  Just make sure that you don't have anyone coming over because they will think you are running around with chocolate frosting on your face!!!!
I didn't make this up as I found it on the most interesting blog that is on a farm with lots of animals.  I love animals and stories about them.  She even put a photo of herself on her blog but I don't dare.  I want you to come back again!!!!!!
Go over to
Read through this blog as she is so entertaining!  I love her stories and the recipe for this facial is on her blog.  I didn't put it in a blender but just stirred it up but then I didn't use the oatmeal part.  I do think it's good stuff.
One of the things I've made also is my own laundry soap but I really could use some Fels bar soap.  Does anyone have it in their store?  I'll gladly pay for it and the shipping with a bonus.  I can't find it here.
I use my own cleaners now and find they work better than the store bought and they are good for the environment.  This is coming from a person that used all the store stuff I could find!  Clean House the BBC show has changed a lot of my habits.  Anyone else like this show? 
Okay, sorry I only have one photo for today but the chocolate facial makes up for it and it is edible.  Look at the ingredient list.  I wonder what else is hiding in my kitchen? 
Oh, before I go - have you ever wanted to use up your left over wine?  Go here and learn how to make vinegar

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