Sunday, November 28, 2010

Long Time Posting

I bet you thought I'd disappeared!!  We'll I had knee surgery and it ended up that I had three torn meniscus.  Can you believe it!  We suspected one but it didn't show on an MRI so that is not always the end answer.
While I was laid up I made an ABC quilt for a friend.  But I can't find a photo!  I'll have to figure this out as it was cute.
I've made another set of Bee blocks for the 3x6 Bee on Flicker.  I was in two groups this round.  These are the blocks for one group.

This is the block that I made in my colors.

 This is a block that I made for the October Tag Square Group.
This is the angel block that I made and the block is Indiana Puzzle
 This is my November block for Tag Square Group.  She wanted a rainbow and for some reason I found that difficult until I just started cutting pieces of fabric, sewing and trimming.  Now I like this block a lot.
I've also been working on doll quilts for my granddaughters.  Here's one I did last night.

I have a pink one to do today for the other granddaughter. Must do the colors they like. :)
I've also been teaching a quilt class for the Disappearing 9 Patch at Church.  I'm not a great quilter but I know how to do it and it's worked out wonderful.  I hate binding and you can always tell.  I need a class just on binding so that I could get more comfortable.

It's a sunny morning here in Indiana but right now it's only about 22 degrees.  Burrr!  I have some cleaning to do and more doll quilts to make.  I hope you have a wonderful day.


baukje said...

Hope you are better now, the blocks are lovely..

Maree: said...

Sorry to hear your OP was more than expected..looks like you have recovered well lots of lovely show & tell you have...

A Time for Stitching said...

Hi there, I hope the knee surgery was a success. Apart from that you have certainly been busy. I'm looking forward to my turn to do the rainbow block for the Tag Square Bee and the house block, in fact I'm looking forward to them all!! But like you, I'm not looking forward to binding my Xmas coasters :-(
Teresa x