Sunday, August 15, 2010

Penguins Christmas Quilt Top

The cat woke me up at 4:30 AM this morning and I couldn't go back to sleep.  I got up had a cup of coffee, started some laundry, worked on a quilt block and then thought I should put this baby together.  All of the blocks were completed and yesterday I had laid them out but then this morning I changed the layout. 
I have soooo many UFOs that I'm embarrassed.  My problem is that I'm not a quilter but a block maker.  This has to change!!  So anyway, this is a small quilt that I sewed together today.  With the pumpkin Halloween quilt, Disappearing 9 Patch, this quilt, and a 9 Patch top I think that it is time to do something!!!

Are these not cute Happy Blocks?  There's enough left over for a baby quilt so I may sew those together also.  Of course it's not even 8am this morning so I think that I have plenty of time before bedtime tonight.  Maybe there will be another post yet today to show you more.  Are there other people out there that like to make the blocks but don't get the quilts together very often?  What do you do?  I have enough blocks that I could make at least 8 more quilt tops!!!  Maybe more.  Give me guidance!!  HELP!!! 
Okay I guess that is enough dramatics for now.  I'm going to sew another top!  This is another Halloween one with black cats in witches hats that wants to be put together!!!!

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