Monday, April 22, 2013

Blue Sky, Clouds, Sunshine & Driving in The Country

These are photos that I took from the car going about 60mph and I thought they turned out well.  My friend was driving and I was in the back seat.  The sky was amazing and I just started pointing and shooting.  I thought they turned out great.

This is a barn that appears to be falling down.  I like old barns as they have so much character

These are rock walls on Hwy 46 and they have so much beauty

I love looking at the shapes of the trees against the sky.  Remember that I'm just clicking away so I did not know what I had until I down loaded all of these.  I'm going to do this more often as you get some great photos.

Look at the great shadow of the pine trees.

This looks so clean and neat with the white fence, green of the grass, the trees and that amazing sky.

I saw this coming up and started clicking.  I think this is a great little stream.  I played in little creeks and streams when I was growing up.  Wonderful memories.

You can see the frame of the car in this photo as I was trying to capture the barn way out in the field.
All of these photos were taken on Highway 46 between Greensburg and Columbus Indiana.

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