Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I'm Back!! Brazil Trip

These are photos of the largest Power Plant in the world. This power plant is between Brazil and Paraguay and the workers are 50/50 from each country. It's an amazing site and for me I could not imagine even putting the plan together much less surpervising the workers. Paraguay receives 100% of their electric power from this plant and Brazil receives 75%. If anyone is ever in the area then this is a very interesting place to go. I know that you're thinking a power plant but it is a place worth going.

This is Judy and Ruth Anne with one of the boys at the home we were at. He was there because his father was an alcholic and he kicked him a lot.

This is our group with two men who teach the children a Brazillian dance that is like fighting without touching. The work with the children around the city to teach them skills and hopefully it will help to keep them off the streets and they will say no to alcohol and drugs.

This is one of the day care girls doing this dance. We had painted their faces that day.

Here is a photo of Dorcas II and the children.
This is a wonderful project and if anyone who reads this would like to donate money to this project; just e-mail me and I can get you in touch with the people there. care@stpeters-columbus.org
Also, I can give you additional information.
More later and lots more photos. We must have taken 2,000 between the eight of us.

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