Friday, July 10, 2009

Is this girl beautiful? She is holding up the bag we gave her with a new tooth brush, tooth paste, candy (I know that defeats the purpose), a card from our school children and a little toy. The children above are holding up their bags. There were 500 children at the two daycares and this was a lot for us to carry. The next time we go we will bring another suitcase for each person and we will fill them with soap, shoes (very expensive there) and other items that they need. This is our first time there and the first time that there has been a mission group so it was a learning experience. Now we know more but as always you learn more each time. Beautiful people inside and out!! KISS for everyone!!
The two daycares have a staff that love these children very very much and once you meet them you fall in love with them also. They get noisy and act like our kids but there is a difference that they don't expect anything. So when they are given something they are very thankful and happy. These children are clean for the most part but their families are very poor. This daycare offers them an opportunity to play games with others, learn, have a snack and most important is that they have a religion class. They also have a lady that comes in once a week and teaches them gymnastics and a wonderful lady that teaches them art and making crafts that are sold to make money to run the day cares. The gymnastics that are exceptional put a program together for us and did a fantastic job.
More later about Brazil! Please leave a comment if you are interested in this group as I will be able to give you more details.
Have a Wonderful Day!!

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