Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Garage Sale Finds June 25th

Last Friday I had met with someone and then I took them to work.  Well it was lunch time and as usual I had not been to lunch but I saw a couple of garage sales and those are always better than lunch!  I about filled up my van at the sale this $3.00 item came from.  They were moved out of a house and they were selling the stuff that would not fit in their new place.  The stuff was dirty and at this time nothing is in my house but this piece after a good scrubbing.  I have a spot in the bathroom that this fits perfectly at this time and is giving me a lot of storage that I need.
This solid wood chair came from the same sale for $5.00!  The seat swivels and it had some scratches but I already have it primed.  Not sure what color it will end up but I'll share at that time.  Do you see the mulch in the background?  That was an expensive purchase and I will post about that project soon as I have part of it done and it is beautiful!!  Okay, back to garage sales
This picture is a print of part of the hospital but what I wanted is around it!  Two wood frames that need some TLC.  Watch for updates on these.  Each frame was $1.00 each and I would have thought that was a lot but they are older (not antique), solid and big.
I would not purchase one of these normally but I saw a craft on Reinvented last week and no I have two of these jars and I'm going to reinvent them!
These are the legs to the kitchen table that I purchased for $10.00.  There were no chairs but I didn't need chairs as I have the chairs I want to use in the garage.  These babies have had a little rough sanding and I hope to get this table completed this week-end.  It's a long week-end for me as I have Thursday and Friday plus the Monday holiday!  My house is clean so I can concentrate on all my projects.
All of these glass chess pieces were $1.00!  My granddaughters played with them this week-end but I have a whole new idea of what I'm going to do with these.

The next two photos are of vintage wrapping paper for 10 cents a package.  Only one package had part of a piece out.  I purchase wrapping paper all of the time to use as decoupage paper!!  There are two sheets in each of these so this is like a little gold mine.  They even have the cutest gift tags that I could use on a project.  The insert says these are Gordon GF Fraser Gift Wrap Sets and are imported from England.  The original price was 50 cents.  Guess I need to look Gordon up.
Just saw the clock and I need a shower and to get to work!!  Bye!!!!!

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