Sunday, June 6, 2010

I found this at a garage sale on Friday and I could really use some extra shelf's in the bathroom.  It was this white and had a couple of rust areas but not rusted bad.  I took it home and sprayed some rust stopper stuff on the areas and then I started to spray painting it black.  It has taken two days because of all the areas but now it looks great!  Sorry about the messy car port but this is the area that I redo a lot of things and right now I have five other items in different stages. 
This is the knobs and they were gold.  So by spraying both black and red I have kind of a marble effect.  I like them a lot!

This is the shelf and I haven't put a lot on it.  I had to finish painting the wall above the brown and I had previously painted the tile a lighter tan.  I'm making my bathroom my Paris area so this is the start.  I wish I could show you more but the room is small and it's not finished!! :)  More updates later!! 
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