Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Package by Royal Mail

Okay this is upside down but bear with me! :)
I received a package with the Royal Mail tag
If you start from the bottom and come up you can see the envelope and the little pieces tied together.
I LOVE little pieces of cloth and especially when they were someone elses as I've never seen them before.

Look at those little cars and the flower!
Are these pretty or what?I love them all!!This one could be more than one!
Look at these buses!  Where would I find them here!!
Look at the wellies and the animals all dressed up!
Hippos and Lady Bugs!
The package!
The Royal Sticker!!
This came from my friend Jo http://www.bellsjo.blogspot.com/   and please check out her blog.  It's amazing all of the things she makes and her Flicker photos are wonderful!!  I thank you soooo much and this is such a sweet thing to do!

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bellsjo said...

Glad it arrived safely :-)