Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Evening Storms and Sky Photos

We've been having a storm come through every evening.  Lots of thunder and lightning (Monday night on the TV weather during the storm there was over 7,000 lightning strikes in 3 counties and my county was one of them).  Last night the sirens went off because just SE of the city I live in there was golf ball size hail and very unstable weather.  I have a basement but I don't run down there as I like to watch how the weather is developing.
Last night I went out on the side porch and the above photos are of the sky to the west.  This sky was beautiful but not what we normally see.  I like those pink sunsets that mean it will be a nice day tomorrow!  But I am glad that I took these photos since these colors were great and the storm was moving away.
It's 6:30am here and quiet this morning.  I can see the birds starting to play outside the window that my laptop faces.  I hope it will be a nice day but I wish the humidity would go away!  I want to do some more redoing projects and I don't think the paint will dry.  Maybe soon!
Have a Great day or evening!!

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TheRustyThimble said...

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I love your fabric!!
The Rusty thimble