Sunday, August 29, 2010

Decoupaged Coffee Table

A few months ago I bought this coffee table and it's a big table (31"x31") and I would love to have it in my living room but it overwhelms the room.  I knew that I wanted to paint it and I was going to paint it white but then I decided on a different color.  I warn you that there are several photos.
Scratches on the table.
Top of table but I used a constructors primer for all the stains.
After priming the top I started to paint the table black.  See the grass?  This is what happens when there is no rain!  If you're having rain, could you send some our way?  We could use some 70's with no humidity!!
  • This is the table painted black and getting ready to be decoupaged.
  • I cut the papers and started working on what I'm going to do.  I used chalk and divided the table so that I could start in the middle.
  • I started this last night before I went to bed.  I got this much completed.
  • Here is the table all completed this morning.  I need to put some shellac on the top so that the top is waterproof.
  • The girl's and I went to a festival yesterday and they had their faces painted.
Have a great day!!!

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Meg said...

Cute table! It reminds me of a quilt. You probably meant to do it like that, right? I love the faces...too cute!