Saturday, September 4, 2010

Blogs I Like

I found this blog when I was over at Lucy's  I've been a fan of Lucy for a long time and now I'm a fan of the two Janes.

I also keep track of the Hen over at

Had to have one photo!
Another UK blog that I like is Jo at
She does some marvelous quilt blocks and now she would like to start up a quilting bee.  Go over and take a look at her thoughts.  I know I'm in!

I still am hoping this coming year or the next to go over to the UK for a few weeks.  I think I will try a house swap as that would be the way to feel like you're part of the community.  Anyone ever tried this?

There are a lot of blogs that I like but these came to mind this morning!

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Wendy said...

aah, are these your little bunnies? I love them!