Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Day of Rest It's Not

I've been reading this and I use boxes of baking soda all the time.  This is wonderful, inexpensive and a natural product that can be used for bathing, skin care, cleaning, etc.

I was very hungry for something this morning!French toast, blueberries covered in Golden Syrup. 
What's Golden Syrup?  Well I was introduced to this wonderful syrup when I went to China.  There was one place that we went to lunch at when we were in Macau and they had the best french toast and they served it with Golden Syrup.  People took photos of me and this syrup!  I now purchase it on Amazon and our UK friends use it when they bake.  We Americans use vanilla but they use Golden Syrup.  Lucy over at Attic 24 has shared some wonderful recipes that use Golden Syrup.  Try the chocolate chip cookies as the Golden Syrup just adds a different taste that I really like.  When you see all the yummy things she bakes you will thank me!  She has a fabulous Blog that must be read by over a thousand people!  She's a joy!
What are these magazines?  I only went to a couple of garage sales and this was my big buy.  There are 11 magazines for $1.00!  I also purchased another item from the same sale but it's going to be made over but not sure yet what I want to do.  We'll see.
Other books I'm browsing.  I sure hope I can make it to the UK and Ireland next year!!

In my garden I have tomatoes!!  I can taste them and sometimes I touch the leaves of the plant as I love the smell of tomato plant leaves.  Try it if you've never done this.  I do it to herbs all the time.
This is my first rose and is she not beautiful?  She smells amazing and this was one of two rose bushes that I bought from Big Lots!  This goes to show you that you don't have to spend all that money.  These were either $2.99 or $3.99!!  The other one is getting ready to bloom and this one with the bloom has a bud that will open soon.  I don't remember the names but they are both suppose to be climbers and I planted them on the south side of a shed/pump house.  I want them to climb over the shed as I thought that would look so pretty.
This guy is a towel that hangs in my kitchen.  I have so much of this chef stuff and a friend gave me a 4 foot one when she redecorated!  I also have a built in cabinet that is full.  This is the third house I've used them in and I do love them.  Sometimes I think I'd like to do a pink kitchen but there is way too much money is this stuff.  Do you ever feel like that?
Tomorrow I'm going to show you something that I would like suggestions for.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful day.  I have to get back to cleaning and working on the garage sale for next week.

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