Monday, May 31, 2010

Jobs and Stuff for Memorial Day 2010

This is my A/C unit and it's not running very well and the house is HOT and I don't like HOT!  So I was in the yard and thought I'd just look at it and I know NOTHING about things like this.  But then I noticed this stuff all over it!This didn't look good and to my understanding the a/c unit has to pull air thru to cool.  Well this wouldn't work as it had all this stuff on it.  What could I use to clean it off?  I went to the garage and grabbed a paint brush that had stiff bristles and was small.  It started taking this junk off!  Then I went and got a larger paint brush and it was faster but you still needed the small one to get stuff out in the tight places. 
This is how it looks now (not a good photo) and it's cooling the house!  I just saved myself about $200 - $250 for a service man to come out and do the same thing.  Later I'm going to Lowe's and see if they have a tool so I can get the grill off and if there is a special comb I can use.  Just wanted to pass this along so you too can save money. I had my a/c unit off while I did this but I don't think it would matter except the noise would drive you crazy!! :)
This is my Christmas cactus that had close to 200 blooms at Christmas time.  I've had it sitting on the porch since March and she's decided that it is Christmas in May!
 Isn't this a special treat!  I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day and say a prayer of thanks for all our soldiers who have done so much and those in the war now. 
Be Safe!
PS:  I'll let you know if I find the stuff at Lowe's and this took 20 minutes!!

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