Saturday, July 6, 2013

52 Week Money Challenge

I have been wanting to start a special savings plan and I found this on the internet.  I did not do all of this work but I think that it makes cents.  Next year I would like to take a vacation to England and this could help with this goal.  This is doable!!!  Might have to plan ahead toward the end as the amounts get larger.

This is the first week of July so I'm going to start it now.  If anyone would like to join in then send me a comment and let me know what your goal is and then keep me update on how you are doing. 

I did find a Facebbok Page that is doing this.

DISCLAIMER: I didn’t create this chart, it was the image that was in my news feed, so thank you to whoever drafted this because it serves as a great visual to see the overall idea of the challenge.
52 Week Money Challenge

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I started my first week today and I put $5.00 in it as when I can I'd like to add some extra.  Tomorrow will start another week and I'll see what I have but I think I'll do another $5.00.  My dream is to go to England and Scotland and spend a month.  That will take a lot of money. 

What would be the use for your savings?

Edit - Pinterest has a lot of good ideas for saving money and here is a blog that is good

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Marilyn said...

That is an interesting challenge. I started a savings plan a couple of years ago also with the dream of visiting England and Scotland. We spent a month there in October last year. Once you have the dream and get started it is possible. I hope your plan works as well for you as mine did.